Monday, November 29, 2010

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Amuck

When decorating the outside of your house, I beg you to remember, Less is More! Every year  I am reminded of the fact that not everyone can decorate with good taste. Just because you are crazy enough to have 50 plastic  figurines stored away all year so that you can put them in your front yard for one month , doesn't mean they will look good. And, it doesn't mean you win because you have the biggest display. What it means is you will have the biggest electric bill. And, you will have this big bill at a time when you will already be stretching your money to cover all the bad gifts you will probably buy your family so that you can "wow" people with the number of gifts you bought this year.
One manger scene is really sufficient. Four mangers in different sizes doesn't make the story of Christs birth come across any better. You will not convert any non believers because you have 4 sizes! And just because you think it looks good in the day does not mean it will look good in the dark of night. The lights dragging from one bush to another can be seen from the road! It is okay not to put up strands of lights just because you have them. Really...... So, I beg you,  put a few of those plastic dudes in the recycle bin. Let them  be reborn into something with a little more dignity!!!

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