Monday, November 29, 2010

Outdoor Christmas Decorations Amuck

When decorating the outside of your house, I beg you to remember, Less is More! Every year  I am reminded of the fact that not everyone can decorate with good taste. Just because you are crazy enough to have 50 plastic  figurines stored away all year so that you can put them in your front yard for one month , doesn't mean they will look good. And, it doesn't mean you win because you have the biggest display. What it means is you will have the biggest electric bill. And, you will have this big bill at a time when you will already be stretching your money to cover all the bad gifts you will probably buy your family so that you can "wow" people with the number of gifts you bought this year.
One manger scene is really sufficient. Four mangers in different sizes doesn't make the story of Christs birth come across any better. You will not convert any non believers because you have 4 sizes! And just because you think it looks good in the day does not mean it will look good in the dark of night. The lights dragging from one bush to another can be seen from the road! It is okay not to put up strands of lights just because you have them. Really...... So, I beg you,  put a few of those plastic dudes in the recycle bin. Let them  be reborn into something with a little more dignity!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, my youngest, who is 15 told me he thinks I should park my car outside the garage and let Nick, my other son, park in. Because, he explained, they leave for school at 7 in the morning and I don't have to leave until 11.  I told him it didn't matter. Even if I never drove my car.  I earned my place in the garage. I paid my dues and worked long and hard to be in my position. As he walked away I followed him and continued my lecture. I tried to think back when I was living in my parents house to remember if I had felt that way. The answer was no. I never thought My mom should let me park in the garage. And, she never worked outside of our home. I wonder if it's just my kids who think they are entitled or if it is this whole generation? If I had a "parent rule book" I would look that question up!

Friday, November 26, 2010


So, after the bout with planters fascitis the foot doctor told me I would have to wear only shoes with good support. And, use inserts. The chiropractor said I would have to do stretching exercises three times a day. My head told me that something else had to be wrong. I started taking a multi vitamin and I got instant relief from the pain. And as for the shoes, yesterday I wore my cool purple boots and today I wore my lime green high tops! No inserts. And I am feeling no pain! I am back in the game......


One down, one to go. That is holidays. Today is black Friday. A dismal name for a day driven by consumerism.
I have been known to partake in such ventures. But, I was not driven by the idea of "shop til you drop." I merely wanted the cheaper price. Go in get the one deal, then get out. Christmas was a magical time when the kids were young. I prepared all year, stashing  things  for that day. We were on a tight budget. Because, I chose to be a stay at home mom. But, now that they are older, I don't want them to think that they will receive anything they want just because it's Christmas. Sometimes we go on a vacation together or they get one or two things. After all, they are definitely not doing without much. It's funny, now the money is more easily attained but, the need is not as great. Maybe it is better that I didn't have the money when they were younger because, I had to be more resourceful and crafty about Christmas when the kids where small. And, that makes for better memories!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are You Kidding???

I went to Etsy to make a treasury for the Recyclers Guild and I happened upon a post about the NASA contest.
Seems they screwed the contest up. Lost some of the contestants. Really!?! So they opened up the voting again. This time for the entries they left out. So, I went to check the new group out and there was my Astronaut. Idiots! You think they could have sent a message to my shop or something telling me that I was still in the running. Then some guy writes and says it's not fair they are giving the second group of contestants a couple more days then the first. What!?! They are giving extra days because it's Thanksgiving and people aren't thinking about voting on etsy they are thinking about shopping!  I had already told my etsy friends and facebook friends that I was cut from the contest. Hell, if I hadn't stumbled upon the article I wouldn't even have voted myself! And, yes, I did vote for mine. Unbelievable incompetence. All I wanted was more people viewing my shop!


Okay, I was excepted into the Recyclers Guild on Etsy. It's a team of people who create art with recycled goods.  I have to make a treasury page once a month to promote them. Not hard. But, it will take time. So, I'm off to make my first Recyclers treasury!

Dear John

I read the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks yesterday. I have read quite a few of his books.
True Believer
Three Weeks with my Brother
The Guardian
Nights in Rodanthe
 A Bend in the Road
The Rescue
A Walk to Remember
Message in a Bottle
The Notebook
My favorite was The Notebook. I loved that book. Hated the movie. Which is usually how it works for me. This new book has brought me to the realization that I don't like Nicholas Sparks stories anymore. I respect the fact that he has evolved as a writer. But, his stories are so predictable. That's that. I will not read on.

New storm windows!

I don't know many people who would get as excited as I am about storm windows. But, I have wanted them on the upstairs windows for a long time. Of course, I am the one who washes the windows. And, I hate that the window sills get so dirty and spider webby! Not to mention the amount of heating and cooling that, literally, goes right out the window! The new ones will have screens. So, I can still open them and enjoy the night sounds and fresh air. I will take the old screens to the Habitat recycling place.