Sunday, February 27, 2011


So today I was searching sites on the web and I ran across two that left me speechless! One is called Lumistone.  They make a product that you can inlay in countertops or use as cord a round. And they also make a bathroom sink. But, the amazing part is that it glows!!! So, after you brush your teeth at night, you turn out the light and there isn't total darkness.  The sink is glowing! The second site is Enviroglass. A earth friendly company that makes surfaces that can be used as floors or countertops. It is a resin with glass chips in it. One of the colors it Enviroglo!!! Now, I have always disliked the dark. And, I love magical glowie things! My mind is spinning!  Unbelievable....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Job

Okay, just how many web sites does one person need?  I just want a place for my art, a place to talk to my friends, and a place to write whatever I want! But, everyone keeps saying I need a facebook page for my robots. Okay. I made a facebook page for my etsy shop art.It has the same name as my shop, Leuckit. I guess if you don't know my last name is Leuck pronounced "like" you don't find the humor in them asking me if I want a "Like" button!
Today, I was on the computer forever. Just checking in here and there. I made a treasury on etsy. That takes me hours. When you tell someone with severe attention deficit to make a treasury, that is like telling a kid to walk into a candy store and pick one thing. Did I build any robots today? No. Does that make me sad and crabby? Why yes it does. I just want to do my art. I feel like I have added another job to the list of jobs I already have. I get the reasoning behind putting the time into promoting my shop. I just don't like it. The End.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Teaching the Old Dog New Tricks

I just connected the recyclers guild to my blog on facebook.  This may not be a big deal to most of you. But, it is HUGE for me. You see a lot of the people who have blogs and are savvy in "computer ways" just think it's a "given" that everyone knows how to do everything on the computer. That is not so. I have never had a computer class. We took typing back in the day because, "you may want to be a secretary!" NOT! I just wanted to learn to type. I am a diagnosed severely attention deficit person. Which means that if I have to read something that isn't interesting I will read it over and over and not soak it in. Computer directions are never interesting. So, all I have learned about the computer has been trial and error. I truly appreciate the people who answer questions I ask. I truly do not appreciate the people who have jobs where they use computers and they have taken computer classes since they were young. They look at me or talk to me as if I lived on another planet. Nope, I'm right here on earth. But, I didn't get a computer until I was in my late 30's. I am a creative person. Very visual. And, if I want to be seen I have to learn the ways of the computer and the internet. Believe me, I am enjoying all of it. The younger generation will never know how lucky they are just in having the opportunity to stay connected with friends and loved ones like never before. And, maybe, just maybe, the computer elite will learn some manners about how to talk with people and not make them feel lesser than they are.