Friday, November 26, 2010


One down, one to go. That is holidays. Today is black Friday. A dismal name for a day driven by consumerism.
I have been known to partake in such ventures. But, I was not driven by the idea of "shop til you drop." I merely wanted the cheaper price. Go in get the one deal, then get out. Christmas was a magical time when the kids were young. I prepared all year, stashing  things  for that day. We were on a tight budget. Because, I chose to be a stay at home mom. But, now that they are older, I don't want them to think that they will receive anything they want just because it's Christmas. Sometimes we go on a vacation together or they get one or two things. After all, they are definitely not doing without much. It's funny, now the money is more easily attained but, the need is not as great. Maybe it is better that I didn't have the money when they were younger because, I had to be more resourceful and crafty about Christmas when the kids where small. And, that makes for better memories!

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