Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It snowed today. Not a lot. Just enough to cover the ground. The wind was very cold. I do not like cold. And, it gets dark so early now. I was trying to think if I would like it better if in the summer months it got dark early and stayed light later in the winter months. The answer was "No." I do not like cold and I do not like dark. But, I especially do not like cold and dark together. I think about living where it is warmer. I want to be able to work outside all year. Or, at least most of the year. Maybe I should hibernate. I wonder why the animals don't get all stiff and such when they sleep all winter. If I stayed in bed all day I probably wouldn't be able to walk. Well, on the brighter four months it will start getting warmer. And, then spring will be here. I love spring!!!

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