Saturday, December 18, 2010

I love my Christmas tree

I love my Christmas tree and I think it is the best tree ever. I started collecting ornaments when I was 13. I was at a store and I saw this little elf ornament and bought it. And so it began. At that time I also started making ornaments for all my nieces and nephews. They were made out of sculpey clay. Every year I would make each kid an ornament. So, when they were older they would have them for their own trees. When I interviewed with Hallmark that is what they were most interested in. And, that is what I would have loved to go into. They were just starting with their ornament line. But, at the time, it was not worth moving to Kansas. Do I regret not moving? Not even for a second. My favorite ornaments are the ones with a story behind them. I have one of Puddles from the kids book "Toot and Puddles." The books are written and illustrated by Betsy Clark. It is Puddles ice skating. I put it on a hanger that rotates. So, it looks like he is really skating. I love it! I also have some that are from an estate sale I worked on. They are very old. When I got them they had old curtain hooks on them. I never changed them. I like that they used what they had available. I of course have the ones my kids made. Becca colored a heart one year on paper and then cut it out. I smile every time I put that on the tree. She was so pleased when she gave it to me. I also have a small watermelon slice that a dear college friend made me. When I place it on the tree I think of her. Some are ornaments that where on the tree when I was a kid. My mom always decorates the tree with blue lights. And, she always had a blue aluminum star on top. I put her tree up every year for her and when the star quit working she was going to throw it away. Now, it is an ornament on my tree. I also have things that aren't really ornaments. I have a red Christmas record that I shove in the branches. And, a kids red toy motorcycle guy. I have no rules as to whether it can or can't be on the tree. If I like it, it gets a spot on the tree. And, a lot of the ornaments I made. When the kids get trees of their own I will give them their ornaments. Nick has sporty ones and Hallmarks GI Joe ornaments. Becca has Barbie ornaments and ones that her godparents gave her each year. Ben has Scooby Do and Harry Potter ones. But, for now they are displayed on my tree. I have over 350 ornaments. I have them all written down as to where I got them and whose they are.  Two years ago I purchased a tree stand that rotates. Now, all the ornaments can be seen! I put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. So, we have time to enjoy it. And, every year I do just that!!!

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