Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No, thank you.

Why is it that everyone expects me to do everything for them?  Daughter... Mom, can you get me an eye appointment? But, don't get it on a day that I work. Or, if I have school that day. And, not to early in the morning.  Son....Mom can you sign me up to volunteer at the Purdue game. But make sure I work at the same time as my friends. And, can you pick me up some new clothes, just the things I like.  Other son...Mom I need to earn some money. I need new clothes. Ones that fit. Will you get some good stuff when you go to the store? Husband....Can you get me an appointment with that one doctor? And, can you sign Nick up for pitching lessons with that one guy.  Make it sometime in January. On the weekend. Preferably Sunday. And, what are we getting the kids for Christmas? And, did you make vacation arrangements for Christmas break?  DO IT YOUR SELF!!!
Who do they think does all my stuff? I am not here to do your dirty work! Wash it yourself. Call them yourself. Pick it up yourself. Sign up yourself. Pick it out yourself. I don't like to do it any more than you do. And, I have enough to do already.

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