Thursday, January 27, 2011

Computer confussion

Okay, we already know I can't spell for crap and I have no memory for numbers and such. So, now the "computer people" want me to be a computer genius! They say" just embed this code in each page you want tracked." Excuse me?  I do not speak that language. Nor do I know how to find the place you want me to embed the code in. The generation gap used to be this little separation in which parents and children didn't understand each others music and fashion. We are now looking at this gaping whole in which communication between the generations is being severed all together. People my age are desperately trying to hang on by pushing and pulling their way into the computer world. But, every time we learn something they change it. I just get used to a computer and it becomes obsolete! I buy a new one and nothing is the same. The generation older than mine might as well give up. First of all, there aren't a lot of gray hairs on facebook. And if they are on, their friends aren't. I am not that old and there are so many people I would like to contact on facebook. But, they aren't on it. Now, I am talking the average joe here. If your job includes the use of computers, I realize you have an advantage. But, I feel like I know a tiny bit about computer stuff. But, when I talk with my aunts and uncles or show my mom something on the web they get this bewildered look on their face. I just tell them, "I feel your pain." The only way I can feel better about this whole thing is if I pretend everything is just magic. Then I just push buttons and zip around the computer like a fairy.

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