Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Job

Okay, just how many web sites does one person need?  I just want a place for my art, a place to talk to my friends, and a place to write whatever I want! But, everyone keeps saying I need a facebook page for my robots. Okay. I made a facebook page for my etsy shop art.It has the same name as my shop, Leuckit. I guess if you don't know my last name is Leuck pronounced "like" you don't find the humor in them asking me if I want a "Like" button!
Today, I was on the computer forever. Just checking in here and there. I made a treasury on etsy. That takes me hours. When you tell someone with severe attention deficit to make a treasury, that is like telling a kid to walk into a candy store and pick one thing. Did I build any robots today? No. Does that make me sad and crabby? Why yes it does. I just want to do my art. I feel like I have added another job to the list of jobs I already have. I get the reasoning behind putting the time into promoting my shop. I just don't like it. The End.


  1. I have one FB page for all three of my shops. Same for Twitter. I flat out couldn't manage more, and I'm praying that Etsy follows through someday so that I can manage all my shops from one account. It would be sooo much quicker!

  2. Is it too late to reply to this comment? I hope not. My question is What is your FB page called?
    P.S. My middle name is Beth.